A True Representative

Don Quinn is part of OUR community. As a Father of six, Small Business Owner, Committed Environmentalist, and Veteran with a History of Service - Don believes its Time For Change
Jobs and economic opportunity one of Don Quinn' top priorities. As a business owner Don Quinn knows how to create jobs, balance a budget, and help families.

Business and Jobs

Don would like to see Maryland become a manufacturing and small business hub. As a small business owner Don knows that by passing legislation to reduce taxes and red tape we an bring more living wage jobs to Maryland. We need a vibrant local economy.     
Don Quinn believes in engaging teachers and parents to chart the course of education.


Don will fight to keep more of our tax revenues in this county so that our children can have better schools, more teachers, and increased attention on music, the arts, and sports. Don wants to eliminate the achievement gap and have more testing of the Common Core system.    
For years the Chesapeake Bay has been used as a bait and switch to raise fees. Don Quinn wants to create a lock-box for Bay funds.

The Environment

Don intends to propose creating a lock box for Bay funds to prevent your hard earned tax dollars from being appropriated to a general fund. We to implement new technology and scientific solutions to actually improve the environment and sustainability of the Bay.    
Don Quinn for Senate District 30

And More

Don Quinn is not a career politician which means your issues are his issues. As our Senator he will champion issues like

- Reducing out of control taxation
- The West Street Library
- Keeping South County Rural
- A 13th High School
- An Elected School Board
- Fighting the Drug Epidemic  

Three Core Promises

Always Available

In this video Don Quinn talks about how politicians make promises that elected officials soon forget. Don Quinn is committed to being a true "representative" of the people of District 30 and as such has three key promises for the voters.

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"Democracy is worth dying for, because it's the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man."

Ronald Reagan