To Create Opportunity for All of District 30's Residents

Don Quinn is committed to creating opportunity for all our families through jobs, education, protecting our rights, and improving our community.

Three Core Promises

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In this video Don Quinn talks about how politicians make promises that elected officials soon forget. Don Quinn is committed to being a true "representative" of the people of District 30 and as such has three key promises for the voters.
Jobs and economic opportunity one of Don Quinn' top priorities. As a business owner Don Quinn knows how to create jobs, balance a budget, and help families.

Economic Opportunity and Jobs

We must create jobs in Maryland, giving economic opportunity to all of our citizens.  Maryland needs economic policies that promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation, while keeping businesses in our great state. Read More
Don Quinn believes in engaging teachers and parents to chart the course of education.

Excellence in Education

Every child in Maryland deserves an exceptional education.  We need to empower teachers with the tools they need to provide our children with the best possible education. Working together, as a community, we can promote education reform that makes sense. Read More  
Don Quinn is a small business owner and a family man who understands the unnecessary burden an ever increasing tax places on business, jobs, and family.

Eliminate Unnecessary Taxes

The Democrats have passed 74 tax increases which means billions of dollars have been taken out of the already stretched pockets  from Maryland’s families, seniors citizens, and small businesses. We have to take a strong stand to stop this insanity, repeal the gas tax, and prevent further tax increases. Read More  
Don Quinn for Senate District 30

End Politics As Usual

The citizens of Maryland deserve to have a voice in the Senate, a voice that is not bound by politics as usual. It is time for a changing of the guard and for politicians, like John Astle,  to accept a new generation of leaders. Times have changed and it is vital that we change the tone with fresh ideas and new leadership in Annapolis.  

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"Democracy is worth dying for, because it's the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man."

Ronald Reagan