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Don Quinn

Democrat for Congress in Maryland's
3rd Congressional District


Don Quinn is a Public School Parent
Don Quinn is an attorney practicing in federal court
Don Quinn is a combat veteran
Don Quinn is a business owner

Don Quinn for Congress
He's a Civil Rights Attorney & A Different Type of Candidate

A combat veteran, Don Quinn has always been a fighter, and he's running for Congress to fight for us all. "As an attorney standing up for workers in the federal courts, I am tired of watching our rights being taken away. From voting and reproductive rights to limiting environmental protections to a refusal to pass common-sense gun legislation and a failure to control inflation and create equal economic opportunity, Congress isn't doing its job. We don't need more political insiders in Congress. We need people with real-world experience to bring common sense to Washington D.C.


As a father, business owner, veteran, and practicing attorney, I'll take your values with me to Congress and fight for a better future for all of us. I'm asking you to vote for change. Vote Don Quinn for Congress." - Don Quinn, Esq.

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Don Quinn for Congress

Don Quinn for Congress

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I Believe in the Hope of America

Don Quinn speaks to fellow Veterans

Don Quinn for Congress

Reasons to Vote Don Quinn for Congress

Don supports you

As your Congressman, Don Quinn will prioritize Constituent Services. Don already represents Maryland's 3rd District residents in the federal government by helping them seek VA benefits, fighting for employees' rights, protecting their civil rights, and more. Don Quinn will be an even more effective advocate for your rights while in Congress.  

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Learn about the issues

Don Quinn is committed to introducing policies and ideas that benefit Maryland's residents and all Americans.  Don understands the necessity of passing well-thought-out legislation and policies that directly benefit people's lives and strengthen our middle class. As a practicing attorney,  Don Quinn understands how poorly written legislation creates loopholes that hurt the American people. He will advocate for clear laws that are easy to interpret and implement.

  Learn about Don's views on the issues.

Meet the candidate

Don Quinn has a proven track record of advocating for civil rights and social justice. He has worked with diverse communities across Maryland and understands their issues and challenges. Request a meeting.

Don Hasn't Taken PAC Money

Don Quinn's campaign runs on grassroots donations from supporters like you. Every dollar counts in the fight for our democratic values and a better future for all Americans.

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What people say about Don Quinn, the lawyer & community leader

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